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"Yoga strengthens your body, calms your mind, and brings happiness to your soul - this is what I love about yoga."

Yoga Home Stay

Daily Yoga – Vegan Food & Cooking – Meditation

You just started learning yoga or you want to intensify your practice – you are invited to stay with us in our home and practice yoga with us on a daily basis. We can help you to establish a healthy life style with a happy mind and body. Come and join us!

Prices & Packages

Our package includes:

  • 2 personal yoga class per day (9am & 5pm max. 4 students)
  • 2 Vegan or vegetarian meals (brunch & dinner)
  • Morning coffee & tea
  • Fruit shakes and/or green smothies
  • Water and tea
  • Accommondation in one of our guestrooms
  • 2 mountain bikes for daytours around our area
    (National Park, Waterfall, Hot Spring, University Park, Gold Driving Ranch)
  • Pickup service from the airport, city center or bus station
  • high speed wlan
  • laundry service
  • unconventional love from our two dogs

Booking & cancelation Conditions

  • We require a minimum stay of 3 nights / 4 days (incl. 2 half days)
  • We require 50% deposit payment via paypal or bank transfer
  • We refund 100% of the deposit until 30 days due to arrival date
  • We refund 50% of the deposit until 14 days due to arrival date
  • Check in time 2pm / Check out time 12pm

Our package prices

Luxury Room:     3.600 THB per person/day/night
Standard Room:  3.200 THB per person/day/night

Extras (on request)

  • Meditation classes (2x 75 minutes)*
  • Cooking classes
  • Fruit juice detox
  • Reiki Treatment (60 minutes)
  • Jin Shin Jyutsu Treatment (60 minutes)
  • Thai & Oil massage (60-120 minutes)
  • Guided tours to the national park (half day trip)
  • Driver service for day tours (local taxi driver)
  • additional private yoga and yoga Nidra classes

* For joining the meditation classes we kindly ask for a donation for the local temple.

For more information please contact us via email: pook(at)omsara.yoga

For more information please call +66 89 937 2869

สอบถามข้อมูลเพิ่มเติมได้ที่ครูปุ๊ก 089-937-2869


Home stay facilities & activities


The yoga room is an open space with an open terrace where you also eat breakfast and dinner together and which can be used in the daytime to relax.

During your retreat, you will stay in one of two private bedrooms at Omsara Yoga Home Stay. The luxury room is upstairs with a private bathroom and whirlpool next to the yoga room. The standard room is downstairs with a private bathroom with shower. All bedrooms have air conditioning and a king size bed.

We call our place homestay because you basically live together with us and my two dogs in my private home. A homestay is not a hotel. I do not expect you to do any house work or cleaning and I will try to fulfill all your needs and wishes but I cannot provide the full service of a hotel with restaurant.

Activities & things to do

  • A walk in the beautiful University park
  • Bike tour to the famous Black House
  • Biking to get around the area into the pineaple fields
  • Going to the national park nearby with a waterfall
  • Learn how to cook Thai food
  • Visit local markets and organic projects with me
  • Visit Saturday and Sunday night markets
  • Local Thai massage (150 THB per hour)
  • Various local temples to visit (e.g. White temple, Blue temple)

Healthy Food

Organic – local – home made – vegan

Vegan Food

Healthy food and cooking are my passion. I only offer vegan and vegetarian meals during the retreat. All food is hand selected, local and organic. I try to produce everything on my own from scratch, e.g. yogurt and milk from soy beans and coconut. I have a little vegatable and herbal garden. Yet I am not able to produce enough food myself to supply our home stay kitchen. It is my dream to built up an organic farm in the future and make our home stay more self sustainable. If you have any food allergies or intolerances, I will create a personal diet for you. Just let me know.

Cooking classes

I love different cuisines from all over the world and love to experiment to bring these together in a new fusion. I create different typical Thai dishes which normally you can only find with meat. If you would like to learn Thai cooking, I am happy to show you the basic dishes and tricks. We will go to the local markets together and I will show you all different ingredience and herbs and how to choose a good quality. We have several local organic projects around Chiang Rai and we can visit them together to learn more about organic farming and food.


Flow yoga provides students with a complete yoga experience and an excellent workout.  Students move from one pose to the next without stopping, coordinating breath with movement to maintain focus and energize the body. It is a good idea to take a few slower paced classes to learn basic poses before joining your first flow yoga class.


Traditional Hatha Yoga is focused to hold asanas in a steady and comfortable position through several breaths and therefore is a much more calm and non-dynamic practice. In combination with Pranayama (breathing techniques) which help to bring peace to the mind and body, preparing the body for deeper spiritual practices such as meditation.


Ashtanga yoga begins with a series of  postures practiced  with close  attention  to breath,  gaze point, body alignment, and  bhandas. Focus on these areas forms the basis of the practice. Ashtanga  yoga is physically challenging and spiritually rewarding, and can be practiced in a class setting or more traditionally, at  an individual pace under guidance  of an instructor.


Yin yoga explores the softer side of the movements practiced in more muscular (yang) yoga series. The focus of yin yoga is the gentle stretching of muscles and connective tissue, especially in the areas of the hips, pelvis, and lower back. Yin yoga is suitable for students of all levels.


Yoga nidra, or yogic sleep a, is an immensely powerful relaxation and meditation technique, and one of the easiest yoga practices to develop and maintain. While the practitioner rests comfortably in savasana (corpse pose), this systematic guided practice takes you through the pancha maya kosha (five layers of self), leaving you with a sense of wholeness. Yoga nidra is a practice that everyone at any age.


Hot yoga classes provide a unique and challenging experience for students at all levels.  Classes take place in a heated room to help loosen muscles and promote a healthy sweat.  Bring water and an extra towel – you will need it.

Our location สถานที่

Ban Du – Chiang Rai – Thailand  บ้านดู่ - เชียงราย - ประเทศไทย

Our location

Omsara Yoga is a small homestay studio in Chiang Rai in the north of Thailand. Located in a remote area embedded in beautiful nature, the house is the perfect getaway. The yoga studio is located 20 minutes by car from the city center of Chiang Rai and 15 minutes from the airport. The village area is called Ban Du, only five minutes from Chiang Rai Rajabhat University on:

261 Moo 6 Soi 9/6 Ban-Pongphabat, Tambon Ban Du, Amphoe Mueang, Chiang Rai 57100.
261 หมู่ 6 ตำบลบ้านดูอำเภอเมืองจังหวัด เชียงราย 57100

How to get to us

With public transport from city center: There are local buses going to Ban Du and Ratchapat University Chiang Rai (35 minutes). Pickup service from bus stops for free.

With public transport from Chiang Mai: Greenbus has a direct stop at the market of our village. The stop is one before the Ratchapat University Chiang Rai and it is called Ban Du. Make sure when you buy the ticket to tell them that you want to go to Ban Du or University, they might charge you a little more but we can pick you up for free. Both stops are only 5 minutes by car for us.
You can purchase bus tickets online here: www.greenbusthailand.com

From Chiang Rai International Airport:
From the Airport we offer pick up service (200THB) or you take a taxi (approx. 250THB). It makes no sense to go by bus to town first because the city is in the other direction.

Private Classes

Private Classes in Ban Du – Chiang Rai

Every body is different according to your experience, strength and health condition. We can practice Vinyasa, Yin or Astangha yoga together. We can create an individual program fitting your personal goals, level or state of health. I love all kind of yoga and for me it is important to combine different styles. Every style offers different qualities and a great variety of practices – I will combine all yoga styles with different approaches according to your personal needs.

I offer private yoga in Chiang Rai, Thailand. I am located in Ban Du only 2 minutes from the University. We can practice together in our home studio in Ban Du or at your home. For more information please feel free to call me or contact me via email. I am looking forward to practice yoga with you soon.

For private classes please call: 089 937 28 69

About Me

“The most important pieces of equipment you need for doing yoga are your body and your mind."

Pook Butsarakorn Sorngwong

My yoga journey began in 2008 at Baptiste Power Vinyasa studio in Cambridge, Massachusetts. I was drawn to the intense physical workouts of this powerful style and soon I fell in love with the hot yoga experience. I continued to explore and practiced Bikram Yoga from 2008 – 2011, also in Cambridge, Massachusetts. During this time I began to realize yoga could provide far more than just a workout.

Regular practice helped me control and eventually overcome a metabolic imbalance that required daily medication for several years. In 2012 I came home to Thailand with a dream of sharing the joys and benefits of yoga with as many people as possible. I completed the 200-hour Hot Yoga Teacher Training program at Absolute Yoga Sanctuary in Koh Samui, Thailand in June 2013. After this training I found a wonderful “yoga home” and my first opportunity to teach at Yoga Republic in Phuket.

In 2015 I traveled to Mysore India to complete Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga teacher training with Ajay Kumar, Yoga Acharya. This wonderful experience opened my eyes to new levels of teaching and practicing yoga. My goal as a yoga teacher is to inspire students of all levels reach their personal goals and full potential in every practice. Relating to students as individuals and helping them bring their best effort every time they step on the mat is what makes me happiest.

In April 2017 I found my new home in Chiang Rai with my own home yoga studio.


What our guests say

"I loved everything about it"

I spent my weekend here in Chiang Rai at Omsara Yoga and I loved everything about it. The house Pook and her husband live in is very clean, cozy and welcoming. The yoga classes are very good. I am a beginner at Yoga and I definitely fell in love with Yoga even more, thanks to Pook. On Saturdy they organized me a Taxi driver, so I got to visit the White Temple, Blue Temple and the big Buddha.
The food they serve is all homemade by Pook and it's delicious.  Thank you Pook and Ulf for an amazing and relaxing weekend. Definitely coming back soon.

Vivienne Man (Switzerland), September 2018

"Best yoga instructor, best vegan food"

I like everything about Om Sara Yoga. Pook and Ulf are such a lovely couple. They make sure I was well taken care of throughout the retreat. I like the yoga practise the most, Yoga Nidra by Ulf and Yin Yoga with Pook. Yoga Nidra is very different from what I have been learning but I find it very soothing and relaxing. Will definitely find out more once I get home. Pook is a very knowledgeable teacher in yoga practice, she adjust the asana to suit every individual and make sure we get the most out of it. I will always remember what she told us "honour your body, you are only comparing with yourself". Pook's amazingly tasty vegan food is another asset of Omsara Yoga. She is so creative in turning fresh food into all kinds of dishes. Every meal has been a wonderful surprise for me. I ate much more than my usual portion. They are heavenly delicious. The location. This retreat is located within walking distance to Chiangrai University and a Hot Spring with massage service. There are many things to do in the day so one will never get bored. I will definitely miss this place and hope to go back again soon.

Phai Leng Gan (Malaysia), August 2018

"Inspiring, relaxing and real"

Ulf and Pook are amazingly positive and patient hosts. Pook is an amazing and inspiring yoga instructor. She takes the time to help you achieve your goals and adapt positions to suit your own body. Somehow, she manages to do this, yet challenges you at the same time. I was surprised at how quickly I gained strength and flexibility. Pook makes the most delicious vegan food I have ever experienced. Every meal was a delight to the senses. Ulf’s meditation classes were fabulous. No pretentiousness or frills. Genuinely helpful and straightforward approaches toward meditation. I am already successfully putting them into practice. Missing Bailey and Balou (dogs) already. This yoga ‘homestay’ retreat will not disappoint. Leave the masses and venture away from prentention. They keep it real!

CJ Jaques (Thailand), April 2018

"Good vibes and great Eats"

The property is nestled on a quiet street with a sprawling garden surrounding the house. The yoga studio overlooks the pineapple garden as well as flowereing trees and hammocks. Pook is masterful at creating vegan versions of traditional meals, her cuisine is multi-cultural and simply delicious. I'm most appreciative of the yoga classes; Every yoga class was thoughtfully tailored to the needs of the practitioners, and I became more open and balanced with each class.

Morenike Allen (USA), April 2018

"Life changing experience. Three words define my stay: home, breathe, relax."

Pook and Ulf are a wonderful couple that make you feel like your a part of the family from the first minute you arrive. I learnt a lot in the yoga sessions as they’re very intimate and the food is another level. I’m not vegan and I enjoyed the food more than normal. Just amazing. And last but not least, they have 2 lovely pups that will make your stay even more incredible. Will be back for sure to breathe, relax and feel like at home for some days!

Javier Costa (Spain), April 2018

"One of the best experiences of our World Adventure!"

From the moment Ulf picked us up at our hotel until he dropped us off at the airport we were so spoiled! Pook and Ulf are two of the kindest people we have met. Both are calm, compassionate and funny. Pook is a gifted yoga instructor, she had me in new postures from the first practice. Her assists were fabulous and we all laughed a lot. We brought our kids (8&10$ who loved the retreat, especially the 2 resident dogs and the neighbor dog who liked to come over fetch and pets. The kids did about half the yoga sessions and Pook was able to keep them motivated for the entire session while also leading a great class for my husband and I. They loved it so much, they named their new Lego people "Pook" and "Ulf". The food was also out of this world! So healthy (organic and vegan) and delicious!! We felt like we were at detox retreat (but with all you can eat)! We are currently traveling around the world and this is one of if not the BEST experiences we have had! Oh, and be sure to add in the meditation classes with Ulf, he is so knowledgable and explains meditation and brain science in a simple, informative way. I only wish he had booked for longer! I would have gladly extended our stay to a week, or two but they were fully booked.

Gena Oliver (USA), March 2018

"Simplistic Home Stay Yoga Retreat with Farm to Table Food"

Waking up in the morning from songs of birds and the aroma of freshly brewed coffee before the start of a new day (of yoga practise). Food is excellent!

Stan Ho (Hong Kong), February 2018

"Fantastic place lovely family great yoga amazing food"

Ulf and Pook s house is so nice and cosy! Feel at home ! Beautiful garden and lovely dogs! My dream Life: yoga , home Made breakfast, time for riding bike , go to temples or chil , then meditation , evening yoga and super home made dinner shared with the 2 hosts!

Francesca Bulgarelli (Italy), February 2018

"Couldn't leave without a tear"

The food was awesome - vegan & very healthy & very well presented. everything they use as ingredient in the dishes are so fresh, grown in their own garden. the way they cook is more then special. it s like artwork. food art. the atmosphere of the place was great - beautiful wooden - old thai style house. pook & ulf & bailey & balu where the loveliest people, dogs, teachers, hosts - we could ever imagine. It was like a dream. Also our little daughter - a-4-year-old felt so welcome. She got connected with the dogs truly. And couldn't leave without a tear. we had such wonderful conversations about all kinds of topics. They are very open minded people. We loved to share our thoughts and thinking about the world.

Anne van Bergen (Neatherlands), February 2018

"Wonderful place with lovely people"

My stay at the Omsasra homestay was a wonderful experience. The small classes (never more than 2 students) made me develop my yoga practice while the tasty and all-homemade food with local and organic ingredients put a daily smile on my face and gave me energy to visit all the sightseeing attractions in between classes. Pook and Ulf are a lovely couple that will take great care of you and make you feel like part of their family. I can recommend this homestay to anyone who is looking for a heartwarming and personal experience in one of the very few thai areas untouched by mass tourism.

Jan Bühlmann (Germany), January 2018

"Perfect lifetime yoga experience - I cannot ask more! "

Great combination of serine environment, perfect teacher and great vegan/vegetarian food. I am fully rejuvenated, energized and focused after a week yoga experience. Not only I am physically stronger but also calm and happier. I am very privileged to have a week at Omsara Yoga. Fully recommended to any yoga practitioners at any levels.

Anonymous (Japan), January 2018

"A little piece of heaven"

The food was beyond amazing that Pook cooked herself every day. The Yoga was great, and being beginners Pook designed the class for our level and introduced us to different forms. The accommodation was great with a comfy bed, hot water, and Air-conditioning. The location was good with many things to see and do nearby. The wifi internet was high-speed and reliable.

Aron Hopkins (Canada), January 2018

"An infusion of pure prana and love to body, mind and spirit"

What a lovely place to unplug, dive deeper into yoga asana practice and nourish the mind, body and soul. With twice daily yoga classes led by Pook, a well-trained teacher who brings an eclectic refreshing mix of a variety of yoga practice styles to meet each student's needs in the moment, one cannot help but feel reconnected to themselves by the end of this retreat. Additionally, the surrounding calm natural environment and freshly cooked healthy food provides an infusion of pure prana and love to body, mind and spirit.

Elena Berman (Switzerland), January 2018

"I couldn't have spent my New Year week any better"

I felt at home from the first day. The place is just so lovely; totally relaxing, natural yet I have all the convenience I ever needed. I was welcomed with a cup of fresh local orange juice that's the first of many more nourishing meals. I can't tell you how tasty and amazing Pook's cooking is; you can try it out yourself! :) (I'm lining up for their cookbook!). It was a short stay, but I have learned how it's like to be more connected to my body and mind. Oh, I will miss Balu and Bailey a lot, the two "puppies", who were so affectionate you couldn't help adoring them!

Norah Hong (Vietnam), January 2018

"Wonderful, unique experience."

I cannot begin to express how much I enjoyed my stay with Pook in her lovely home. I stayed for 3 nights/4 days. Everything was well organized from the very beginning. Pook helped me a lot with booking my transportation and answering general questions about Thailand. The pickup went smoothly. She was always willing to answer any questions I had and to show me around the area. The studio is located near various attractions such as the university, white temple, black temple, and national parks. The yoga classes were aired with a number of different styles. Pook is a great teacher, she gives excellent adjustments. The classes are small and you receive very personalized attention. Her cues are available for every level. I will definitely not forget the amazing food that I tasted during my stay. Pook makes everything from scratch, vegetarian/vegan, and local. It was amazing how creative Pook is in the kitchen. I am looking forward to the cookbook that she’s writing. Last but not least, Pook has 2 cute dogs. They’re very sweet. I hope you guys will book with Pook and enjoy the wonderful, unique experience.

Janet Su (Canada), January 2018

"Incredible experience; I didn't want to leave!"

From the onset, Pook and Ulf were the utmost gracious hosts. Quick to respond to my questions, and provided me necessary info for my transport to/from Chiang Mai. Yoga with Pook was perfect - she was a great teacher, the right balance to push you when you were willing and able, but also capable to adapt the classes to the needs of participants. Even with my 4 day stay (which was far too short!) I noticed an improvement in my form and technique thanks to Pook. I also participated in meditation led by Ulf. Not having much meditation experience prior, it was a great learning experience as Ulf described both the scientific and Buddhist approaches. We practiced some techniques and I left with a skillset that enables me to continue the practice going forward. Strongly recommend joining Ulf for this! The location is away from the city centre of Chiang Rai, which is an added bonus. I used the down time to bike and explore the local parks and waterfalls, as well as the University. A beautiful location to spend a sunny afternoon. Lastly, Pook's cooking was phenomenal. Each morning and evening she would lovingly prepare delicious, fresh, and healthy vegan/vegetarian food. All-in-all, I wouldn't change a thing, except for the fact I wish I could have stayed longer!

Ashley Ramsay (Canada), December 2017

"The homestay with Pook is the best present for yourself!"

Yoga classes was so personal designed and powerfull, the place is amazing and the dogs so nice to everybody! You really feel like you are between special friends. Vegan Food is the best i hve ever tried!

Paola Miolano (Italy), December 2017

"It feels like home"

A really great experience that I recommend without hesitation!First of all for yoga: the two classes a day in a small group (maximum 4 people) allow you to progress. Pook is a great teacher, very attentive to his students and their level. Beginners are welcome and it's really a great opportunity to be here!
The welcome is also perfect, it feels like home. We are awake with the singing of birds and the good smells of the kitchen. And what about the proposed meals! Everything is homemade with fresh and quality products. It's varied, and every time we enjoy! I stayed 4 nights, it is necessary for me to fully enjoy this experience. The day, between classes, free time to rest or go to visit the surrounding countryside or Chiang Rai. In addition, initiation to meditation at night if you wish, very interesting too. The price / quality ratio is really excellent.

Laura Paulien (France), December 2017

"Fantastic food and yoga"

I had a fantastic 3 night stay with Pook and Ulf earlier this year. They are such lovely, kind, hard working people who really make you feel so welcome in their home. As a beginner in yoga Pook was a fantastic instructor. I feel the small group/1 on 1 time was invaluable. Not only this but she’s a fabulous cook. Despite not being vegan or vegetarian myself, I loved all the food she prepared, it was always so fresh and there was always more than enough. Ulf’s introduction to meditation was also really enjoyable. Both rooms are lovely and extremely comfortable, a welcome retreat after weeks of hostels. And the price is extremely reasonable for what it includes. Thankyou so much Pook and Ulf for such a wonderful stay. I hope to be back again one day!

Georgina Collins (Australia), November 2017

"My first retreat in paradise"

My first Retreat in paradise – The environment is so relaxing, everything is here for your mind and your body to relax perfectly. The food is as perfect as you can expect and there is so much variety, Pook always surprised me and I was always excited to know what I was going to eat on my journey. I definitely improved myself everyday and am able to do postures I didn't even know I could make them. Pook and Ulf are just two lovely and loving life beings, it just made the experience much better. I will definitely come back for another retreat :) I am now energized and stronger than before. Thank you guys I will see you again soon!

Laure Favreliere (France), November 2017

"Lovely and inspiring hosts"

We had the most amazing time at omsara yoga homestay. Pook and Ulf are such lovely and inspiring hosts. We enjoyed staying in their beautiful and comfortable home, having interesting conversations, delicious homecooked food and personalized yoga classes. So don't miss out on this amazing experience whenever you're in Chiang Rai.

Elke Banken (Belgium), November 2017

"With love and passion"

Pook is a great and very talented Yoga teacher. I love her attitude and her passion for all kind of yoga styles. When ever I am in Chiang Rai I do not miss one day to do yoga with her. Thanks for so many wonderul yoga classes. Namaste

Caroline Boysen (Phuket, Thailand), October 2017

"Beautiful and taught with kindness and compassion"

I had a wonderful 5 night stay at Omsara. Pook and Ulf were amazing hosts. Pook is a great yoga teacher with so much experience. Her classes are beautiful and taught with kindness and compassion. Her food is so delicious, I loved sitting down to each meal. Ulf is incredibly helpful with anything you need and has amazing knowledge on meditation. Thank you both for sharing your home with me. Your kindness, generosity and passion for what you do is inspiring!

A.P. (Australia), October 2017

"I cannot recommend highly enough"

We had the most amazing time on a two night retreat. We were made to feel at home immediately. The opportunity to practice in a beautiful setting under the guidance of such an incredible and wonderful teacher. Pook is one I cannot recommend highly enough. The food alone is reason enough to make the journey to Chiang Rai; we enjoyed delicious fresh salads, smoothies and a Thai curry which was better than any other we tasted on our traveled. We are infinitely grateful for the experience and will definitely be back. We highly recommended that others spend time (longer than 2 days!) at Omsara Yoga.

Tracy Donachie (United Kingdom), September 2017

"What a wonderful place – This is the best yoga retreat I ever did"

What a wonderful place – This is the best yoga retreat I ever did for the following reasons: great yoga classes catering to all levels. I am a yoga teacher and learned a ton of new adjustments from Pook and the pace of her classes is great. - the best vegan food I ever had. Pook is such a great chef and prepares the most wonderful vegan dishes - It inspired me to cook more vegan again. - it's soo personal and felt like living with family ...and it's even the case. You really share their wonderful house, the 2 cute dogs and its soo cosy and always just with a maximum of 4 people - Pook and Ulf helped with everything and go above and beyond to make sure that their students are happy. They helped organize massages and trips and picked me up from the airport! - Ulf is an inspiring meditation teacher and I learned a great deal about different meditation forms. - as I work on the side I am dependant on great wifi and they have highspeed internet and you can work relaxed on their cozy balcony THE PERFECT STAY.

Johanna Lehmann (Singapore), September 2017

"Absolut amazing"

Pook and Ulf were absolutely amazing! They were the kindest people and willing to help any way possible. I am a beginner just learning Yoga and Pook was very helpful. Her cooking is incredible and she even let us help her cook. Ulf's intro to meditation was very informative and he gave lots of good recommendations to improve. Such a wonderful experience and I am so happy I did this retreat with Pook and Ulf.

Chelsea Logan (United Kingdom), September 2017

"This was the best food I had in Thailand."

My stay with Omsara Yoga was wonderful. The two rooms can accommodate up to four people in two bookings so your experience will be very personalized.Pook is an amazing cook and fantastic yoga teacher. Both Thai and Western dishes were offered and there was always more than enough to fill the most ravenous of appetites. As a long time vegetarian I understand how difficult it can be to find good meatless dishes on the road. I was however blown away by the food at Omsara. Pook's vegan dishes defy expectation and preconceived notions of the limits of vegan cuisine: delicious and moist banana breads, flavorful vegan sausage, meatless versions of otherwise inaccessible traditional Thai and Laos dishes... I can hardly wait for her cookbook to be finished! In short: this was the best food I had in Thailand. Pook's yoga instruction challenged me to push my limits and helped me to grow significantly in my practice both physically and mentally.Ulf's meditation classes cover many different types of meditation and are a valuable compliment to the yoga practice.The rooms are nice. The standard room offers freezing AirCon, a very large bed, a TV and your own bathroom with shower and western style toilet. The luxury room offers the same-same but even nicer on all acounts, with a huge bathtub in addition. Overall I was delighted with my stay at Omsara Yoga. It was the perfect way to reinvigorate myself before travelling to Laos. I will be certain to stay again my next time passing through the area and may even go out of my way just to stay here again.

Alf Fink (U.S.A), September 2017

"A real treasure in Chiang Rai"

This is a gem in Chiang Rai, for anyone who is craving some excellent yoga, or even if you just want to try. Pook is extremely accomplished at each and every yoga style offered, and seems to have a unique talent for picking up on what is needed for the individual for that day. She is able to cater to any ability level and is not precious about yoga; very refreshing! The setting is lovely and the tone so friendly, calm and welcoming. I took out two month and am so glad I did. Pook and Ulf are happy to come pick you up from Chiang Rai Rajhabat University, 5 minutes away. A bus from Chiang Rai Central Bus Station, (bus station 1) to Rajhabat University is easy to find and takes 25 minutes, (20 TBH). A real treasure which enhanced my stay in Chiang Rai immeasurably.

Ruth Carter (United Kingdom), August 2017


Impressions from our daily life

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